Sal was an original, one of a kind. He brought us the art of Italian food that dates back to the “old country”, and we’re honored to carry on his tradition. Sal grew up in a small town in Sicily, where he spent years helping his mother in the kitchen. In the 1960’s he began his American journey, working under a chef on Long Island, where, according to Sal, he learned a few tricks. Sal would soon carry his old country Italian tradition, mixed with some New York flare, to Middle Tennessee. By this time, he had Italian food and classic New York style pizza down to an art. Sal was an authentic, never compromising on quality, freshness, or passion. Here at Sal’s we are carrying on his legacy in everything from our made daily dough, to our homemade sauces. In everything we do, we sprinkle in authenticity, tradition, and a lot of love.